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Jay Tekus

a month ago

Morning Tigers!

Great experience over the weekend! Hope the kids had a blast and learned something along the way. Nothing like a 7 shootout semi-final and OT Consolation winner! Can someone send me the team photo that was taken after the game? Thanks!

A couple scheduling updates:

No Mite practice today - Heights is closed for the holiday.

Saturday 2/25 at 5pm at CSC

We have rescheduled the 1/7/23 game vs Elyria for this Saturday. Crossbar will be auto-updated once the CSHL posts the change... but wanted to give everyone a heads up! I know its a bit last minute- hope you can make it. We'll call up Blues if needed.

Monday 2/27 7:30-8:30pm FULL ICE CLINIC

Following regular mite practice we will have a 2014 birth year full ice transition clinic. We'll walk through the '14s on what it means to play full ice hockey and scrimmage full ice with some of the '13s.

Ice of March in Mentor 3/4

Unfortunately the tournament was unable to secure the ice they were looking for to add more teams to this tournament. I will be on the lookout for other opportunities in March and April.

Again- thanks for the team effort and the great weekend! Appreciate the food and support! I strongly encourage everyone to stick handle street hockey balls and shoot floor hockey pucks at home. Even just 15 min a day. Its the single best thing for developing skaters to do to quickly transform into real scoring threats, and the earlier you start, the greater the return!

Any questions about any of this please reach out, thanks!



Jay Tekus

a month ago

Good morning Tigers, welcome to Tournament week!

I'm sorry to have missed yesterday's game! I heard it was a good one and legitimate hockey plays were being made. That's progress!

Wanted to share a few details about this weekend.

Here is the tournament page with rules/schedules/etc:

Our first game on Saturday now starts at 11:05am. Here are more details on the first game. If you have any additional questions, please reach out! Looking forward to it. As you may have seen, I added an additional tournament placeholder for the Ice of March. We have 6 other Eastside teams playing and I don't want Mite 2 to be left out if there is interest! Again, this is totally optional. Please rsvp either way.



GAMES 1-2 BLUE ( Fowler Division)

11:05-11:45pm Covelli Centre (Pre-game Warm up 11:05-11:08)

Arrival Time- 10:35 (please arrive dressed except for skates/helmet/gloves).

Jersey Colors Locker Rooms

Team 1- Eastside- WHITE 1

Team 2- SHAHA- GREEN 4

Team 3- Cambria 3- MAROON 2

Team 4- Phantoms- ORANGE 6

GAME 1 (11:08-11:26) GAME 2 (11:27-12:45)

Keep in mind we are in the BLUE division, so its cross ice 3v3 with a goalie.

For White and Blue Divisions coaches are on the ice and need helmets and skates on at all times.

The Covelli has limited Locker Rooms and most do not have walls. They are just carpeted areas with chairs. YOU ARE NOT TO ENTER THE COVELLI UNTIL 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO GAME TIME AND PLAYERS MUST BE MOSTLY DRESSED. They should only have to put skates, gloves and helmets on at the rink. Also please limit the number of adults in all locker room areas for the weekend.

Pictures (for purchase) will be taken on Sunday before their first set of games.

SUNDAY's arrival time: 7:45am

Picture time: 7:55am

Game time: 8:30am


*Cross Ice 3-on-3 (White and Blue Levels)

*Dressed Goalie

*USA Hockey Mid-Am Rules

3 vs 3 play with goalie cross ice

3 minute 1st game warm up. Will not have warm up time in between consecutive games.

All teams will play 18 minute games with no break during that 18 min. Red plays 25 min games

2 points per game. 2 points for the win and 1 point for Ties (Teams will split points)

60 second shifts

After a goal is scored or the puck is covered by the goalie, the players of the opposing team must retreat to half ice.

Penalties will result in the player sitting out for the remainder of that shift and team plays short for the remainder of the shift.

Each team will play 5 placement games. All teams will advance to the Finals on Sunday. Bottom 2 teams will play a consolation game on Sunday. Three Minute warm up and the Final Games will be 20 min games. The consolation game will be 2- 20 min halves with a half time for the Final teams to switch ice for the second game.

Medals will be given to all players; Trophy and Banner to 1st place teams and Trophy to 2nd place teams.

All players must be ready to take the ice 5 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time. If we are running ahead of schedule, games can be moved up to 5 minutes earlier than scheduled time.

Tie Breaker Rules: 1- head to head results, 2 - Most wins, 3-Least amount of goals against, and 4- Total goal differential with a maximum of plus 5 per game, 5 – Coin Flip

In case of a Tie in Semi Final, Consolation or Championship Games: There will be a 3 minute over time. Then if the game is still in a tie, there will be a 3 man shootout followed by 1 to 1 shootout.


Jay Tekus

3 months ago

HEIGHTS REMAINS CLOSED practice moved to Tues 6:15p at CSC

We received word that Heights will remain closed through at least Wednesday. Even though maintenance had the ice ready for today, when they came in this morning they found one of the lines in the cooling system broke. This caused part of the ice to become slush, and pushed air underneath other parts causing it to crack. With the broken line things aren’t cycling properly. They are waiting for the company who repairs it to come in and asses the situation. Once I have more information I will share it with you.

In the meantime, tonight's practice has been move to Tuesday at 6:15pm at CSC.

-Coach Tekus


Jay Tekus

3 months ago

M2 is indeed included tonight!

Sorry I copy/pasted the M1 email. Too much going on- thanks!


Jay Tekus

3 months ago

Heights closed tomorrow - practice moved to CSC tonight 6:45pm

Good morning M1!

Bad news is the ice won't be ready for tomorrow night's practice. We've rescheduled tomorrows practice to tonight at 6:45 with the Squirts again, in order to get them ice time.

Good news is Heights ice will be ready by Saturday for any weekend games scheduled!

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work to get back on the ice at Heights.

-Coach Tekus


Jay Tekus

3 months ago

Tournament opportunity- please read

Good Morning Tigers!

Fingers crossed Heights opens for practice Friday and our game Saturday... they have restored water in the building and making repairs to the ice this week. Looking forward to the big games this weekend!

We have a new tournament opportunity over President's Day Weekend 2/18-2/20 in Youngstown, OH. If we have the numbers and register, our games will NOT conflict with Face-off on the Lake OSU/Michigan game. This is NOT a stay to play tournament (you don't have to stay at a hotel but it might mean some early morning drives to Youngstown). Cost will be less than $100 per player. I have added the placeholder in crossbar- please RSVP either way today if you can- they have one spot left and if we are interested we need to lock it up asap.

Thanks! Go Tigers!


Jay Tekus

4 months ago


Good afternoon! The damage at Heights is worse than initially thought and they have canceled ice through the end of the week. Our friends at CSC were able to offer additional slots tonight so we can provide at least one session this week to as many teams as possible. Everything is last minute so come if you can!

Updated schedule:

TONIGHT Tues 12/27: 6:30 S2/M1 7:30 Peewees combined

THURSDAY 12/29: 6:45 S1/M2

We will update as more slots become available, thanks!

-Coach Tekus


Jay Tekus

4 months ago

Good morning Mite 2!

The deadline to register for the Pittsburgh Alpha MLK tourney and hotel is FRIDAY.

They have three mite blue slots still available as of this morning.

IN: Zander, Ruby, Leen, Omar, Julienne

OUT: Auth x2

?: Barron, Dom the Destroyer, Sam

We would need two of these three to confirm yes to have enough. The kids will get a lot of ice time and we will need to designate a "goalie" who can start practicing next Friday.

if you could update your rsvp in the app or email me directly one way or another that would be great! No pressure- this is completely optional and not an inexpensive weekend... but a ton of fun for the kids! The whole program is going and this will serve as our only out of town tournament option before March.




Kelly Minihan-Sauer

5 months ago

Hello M2 families. My name is Kelly Sauer and I am helping out Coach Tekus and Coach Beightol with a weekly email with the upcoming schedule and any other events/information.

Week at a glance:

Practice 11/18@ 6:00pm @ Cleveland Heights

GAME: 11/19 @ 10:15 am at Euclid Orr Ice Arena (BLACK jerseys)

GAME: 11/20 @ 10:00am at CSC (WHITE jerseys)

Practice 11/21 @ 6:30pm at Cleveland Heights

Please update your player's availability in Crossbar for practice AND games. This helps the coaches to be able to plan.

Also, please arrive 20-30 minutes before game time to allow for equipment hiccups and a coaches' talk.

There will be practice on Friday 11/25 @ 5:45pm @ CSC. If you are able to make it the coaches have some fun planned for that night!

Please reach out with any questions.

GOOD LUCK at your games this weekend! Go Tigers!



Jay Tekus

6 months ago

Make up practice scheduled for this Sunday 10am at CSC.

See you at the rink!


Jay Tekus

6 months ago

Good morning Mite 2 White!

Hopefully your phone was blowing up this morning as games were loaded into crossbar.

Our first game is not until Nov 19 in Euclid, which is great because it gives us a couple weeks to prepare!

No practice tonight- have a great Halloween!

Also, no practice THIS FRIDAY 11/4, either. It is a skip date at Heights due to an event. We are working with rink managers to make up this date (could be this weekend- will add to calendar and let you know asap).

Jerseys will be distributed before our first game.

Any questions, let me know!

Go Tigers!

-Coach Tekus


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