Player's Code of Conduct

As a player in the Eastside Tigers Youth Hockey program, I pledge to follow this code of conduct:

  1. I am responsible for my behavior at all times. I will always be a positive representative of Eastside Tigers.
  2. I will treat all teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and parents with respect.
  3. I understand that hockey is a team sport, and I will work hard to be a good teammate.
  4. I will be on time for practices and games. I will notify my coach if I will be late or cannot attend.
  5. I will be dressed and ready for the ice 15 minutes before my scheduled ice time.
  6. I will listen to my coaches and be ready to learn from them.
  7. I will work hard to improve my skills.
  8. I will learn the rules of hockey and play by them.
  9. I will wear my full equipment during all practices and games, and will not remove it while I am on the ice surface, on the bench or in the penalty box.
  10. I will not go on the ice until my coach or an on-ice official instructs me to do so. I will not enter the playing surface or players' bench area while the ice is being resurfaced.
  11. I will follow the instructions of the on-ice officials before, during, and after any game. I will never argue with an official's decision.
  12. I will not criticize teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, or parents.
  13. I will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  14. I understand that schoolwork comes before hockey. I will do my best at school.
  15. I will not drink alcohol, smoke, chew or vape tobacco, or use illegal substances of any kind.
  16. I will not swear or use rude language, gestures, or actions.
  17. I deserve to have fun during my hockey experience, and I will alert parents and coaches if it stops being fun.

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