Reopen the South Rink


We anticipate the Mayor will schedule a date for public comment in January 2023. Start preparing thoughts and comments!

You can email City Council ( and the Mayor ( directly, but another forum to consider is submitting an opinion piece to the Heights Observer publication. It will reach a much wider audience!

Instructions and submission link can be found here:


Thank you all who sacrificed their Monday night to attend the City Council Meeting! Councilmembers have since reached out in response, thanking us for the input and participation. We understand this is just the beginning, but you were all heard! We will be notified when the next opportunity for public comment on the issue is scheduled.

Here is the article on the evening.

And the live stream replay.


The South Rink was shut down at the onset of COVID-19 and has not yet reopened. After necessary patch repairs and a fresh paint job completed during the pandemic, the City did not put ice down in the fall of 2021, citing a 30% budget cut, lack of staffing, and COVID-19 risks imposed by extra traffic in the building.

In April 2022, during a Parks and Rec meeting, a single vs dual rink operating comparison revealed that the Community Center loses almost $100k/year in a single rink scenario. This is due to the absence of revenue generated by the South Rink in rentals to weekend hockey tournaments, local high school and college club hockey teams and other youth programming on the ice. The South Rink is old, but by no account is it inoperable. For more info, read the open letter submitted to the Mayor and City Council in September 2022.

In November 2022, during Mayor Seren's Budget Hearing to City Council, it was revealed the North Rink is now currently in need of a significant overhaul due to design flaws and its life span. These issues require the new compressor system to work at a higher capacity than intended to overcome inefficiencies. The City is now hesitant to open the South Rink in fears that it will bring both rinks down.

We see this as an opportunity to restore the facility to its original purpose by completing the necessary repairs to the North Rink in order to ensure a stable dual rink skating center for the future.

In order to have any kind of impact at City Hall to keep both rinks open, it was suggested by City Council that both residents and non-residents attend a bi-monthly Regular City Council meeting and make a 3 minute public comment.

See below for best practices and how to comment.


On November 17, during the City Council Budget Hearing Meeting, Mayor Seren revealed there are extensive repairs needed on the North Rink:

  • The North Rink is in such bad condition that it requires the full strength of the compressor system to operate at this time
  • Opening the South Rink would risk bringing down both rinks
  • Patchwork repairs to the North Rink have been made for years, but it is at a point that patchwork repairs will likely no longer suffice and a complete overhaul--redesign and rebuild--is needed
  • The finance director said that this would likely be a million-dollar project, and the City does not have the capital for it, so we would be looking at taking on debt to finance it; the Mayor mentioned that the City would also be looking at any other fundraising opportunities as well
  • They are reviewing different proposals for dryland use of the South Rink
  • NO funding for repairs was included in the budget

You can see the full video here.


It is suggested by City Council to have people make public comments during bi-monthly Regular City Council meetings. These are typically held every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, 7:30 at City Hall.

Each person can speak for 3 minutes max. Councilmembers have recommended coming in groups of 5+ people, rotate, and come in multiple times. That's the only way this issue will get any attention.

When speaking, it was stressed that everyone pay close attention to their messaging, by:

  • clearly stating what you want and what you don't want
  • state both your immediate ask as well as your larger ask (we all have a similar ask, but for different reasons, which is powerful)
  • don't talk about all the things... stay on track with what matters to you most

Councilmember Josie Moore outlined the process of how to give a public comment at Council meetings on her website:

Heights parent Jennifer Lang gave an excellent example. You can see that here.

You can also email Mayor Seren directly, but we were told public comments are the way to go to ensure your voice is heard.

Tell your friends, family, teammates, and fellow residents... if they want to see the South Rink reopened for us all to enjoy, now is the time for your voice to be heard- and Regular City Council meetings are the place to do it!

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